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Our Services

On-boarding of Hotels/Properties on-to Online Travel Agencies

The BusyRooms shoulders the responsibility of assisting hoteliers to register properties on various Online Travel Agencies, from Expedia to, Airbnb, Agoda,, SafariNow,, WakaNow, TravelStart etc.

We take the stress off you, from start to finish.

Account/Revenue Management for You Property

The BusyRooms will provide 100% management of your online presence. We understand that the aim of every business is to generate maximum revenue and our team is well positioned to make that happen for you. Others success stories can become yours as well.

Your property can maintain competitive relevance through great content management, rate negotiation, seasonal and timely rate promotional campaigns, rate parity and staying abreast of events that can boost customer traffic to your property. The key is here is to partner with us in managing your property to the point of revenue success.

Payment Processing for Online & Offline Bookings.

It gets even better and easier by helping you to process payment for your online bookings. The BusyRooms will make sure you are settled for every successful online transaction, and also assists with the settlement of invoices for offline transactions on relevant Online Travel Agencies or platforms.

Consultancy & Training for Online Travels

The BusyRooms will help your teams/individuals to become expects on the extranets of various Online Travel Agencies. 

We will educate your team on how to deal with Online reservations, guests, conflicts and fraud related cases.

Business will thrive when all relevant parties know their roles and are committed to playing it.

Hotels/Property Acquisition for Online Travel Agencies

We also operate as independent acquisitions experts, assisting Online Travel Agencies in signing-up or to acquire hotels/apartments onto their platforms in meeting the needs of travellers seeking for classy, luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

Our team has acquired a collective of over 1,000+ hotels/properties for Various Online Travel Agencies. Building your hotel inventory is our Business. Get in touch soon as we have made acquisition easy for you.